Jan 14 2023


8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Your First Thirty Seconds: Secrets to Open Your Presentation with Impact NSALA January 14, 2023

Are you confident that your presentations immediately engage your audience?

What would it mean for your career if every time you spoke you immediately aroused interest in your subject? From presentation skills expert, Patricia Fripp will help you identify opportunities you are overlooking and openings you never considered.

In every presentation, online or in-person, your opening remarks set the tone for your audience’s experience. Do not underestimate the importance of your first 30 seconds.

In this action-packed, content-rich, interactive presentation, Hall of Fame keynote speaker and presentation skills expert Patricia Fripp will help you:

  • Understand the purpose of your opening
  • Realize how many options are available to you
  • Incorporate the “magic” word for audience acceptance
  • Appreciate the number one secret of persuasive presentations
  • Learn from successful classics

Willing participants will experience Fripp’s razor-focused mini coaching.

Please come prepared with a script of your best presentation opening (not more than 4 lines) This program is designed for novices and long-time superstars alike.

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Patricia Fripp

When your message must be memorable and your presentation powerful, Patricia Fripp can help. Her latest book is Deliver Unforgettable Presentations. Fripp’s coaching clients include sales teams, engineers, executives, and professional speakers. She is a CSP, CPAE, past president of NSA, and award-winning speechwriter.

Patricia Speaker for NSALA January 14, 2023

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