How to Sell in the Virtual World

Perfect Your Important Sales Conversations and Presentations

Increase Your Sales Results Quickly and Conveniently

"Back in 2018, we invited you to help us with an important sales presentation, which we won. You will be as excited to know, that it continues to reap dividends! Last year, we were awarded $1.6 million in business with them.  We just received a $2.8 million order from them already this year and it is still January. Your advice and coaching are awesome. What an ROI!"

Michael E. Stryczek, President & CEO, AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)

When your sales professionals are in front of your prospects, either in-person or virtually, are you confident that their message is delivered in a consistent and compelling way?

As you know, often the best presentation wins the business. Product knowledge and technical skills are important. However, when you finally get in front of the decision makers, your message needs to focus on their challenges, opportunities, or interests.

Your message will be memorable when you tell stories of your satisfied customers or clients. Use their words masterfully and it is as if they are on your sales call with you.

Our training and coaching are customized to your specific sales conversations and presentations.

More than tips and techniques Patricia can help you transform your sales presentations.

Patricia Fripp’s customized process can be adapted for most budgets.

When your message must be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful call Patricia

All Patricia Fripp’s services can be conducted virtually or in person.

Drive More Business with the
Fripp 4-Step Sales Methodology

"Hiring Patricia Fripp is the best investment I have ever made in my company, my employees, and myself. She helped us raise millions of dollars." - Michael V. Shustek, CEO, MVP REIT

For over 25 years Patricia Fripp has helped executives, sales teams, engineers, financial advisers, and leaders make more sales, drive business results, and expand their influence. 

"In my 12 years in sales and marketing, you are the most dynamic, charismatic, and knowledgeable sales presentation trainer and executive speech coach that I know. After your presentation skills training, both my sales and technical support team are closing more sales!"

- Bill Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America, Unitech America, Inc.

Patricia needs to understand your sales process and hear samples of the sales conversations and technical demonstrations. 

The first step begins with a conversation with one or two of your sales associates to learn what and how they are now presenting your message.

The second step is to add her recommendations to transform your sales presentations.

The third step is to deliver the recommendations virtually.

The fourth step is to coach your team to deliver in a clear, concise and credible way, using powerful stories and getting buy-in for their recommendations.

The optional fifth step for repetition and reinforcement most clients FrippVT Powerful Persuasive Presentations web-based training.

Driving more sales by improving your sales presentation skills is best when considered a process, rather than a day of training.

"Our investment to bring you here was paid off within two weeks." 
Steven Reed, Executive Vice President, Union Hospital Health Group

"Thank you for all your help at the National Sales Conference.  We have a veteran group of salespeople, and many times these groups are hard to impress.  Your sales presentations skills sessions really delivered, and they loved it!  Everyone felt Frippnotized!"

Jeff Walters, Vice President, North American Sales

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