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Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE is an award-winning keynote speaker, in-demand executive speech coach, and sales presentation skills trainer. Her keynotes are known to be both high content and high delivery!

“Patricia Fripp is the “Miracle Grow” ingredient that has boosted my comprehension and confidence managing large conventions. Her insight and genuine desire to go “all in” is one of my greatest tangible tools. Her level of engagement is remarkable, and her Patricia’s multifaceted talent is a precious gift to me and our association.”

William Dambacher, Director of Operations
American Payroll Association

The #1 Secret to a Powerful Presentation 

Opening Techniques that Amaze 

“Watching you captivate an audience in person was incredible. Discovering you could do the same virtually is impressive.”

Michelle Kabele, Channel Marketing
Zebra Technologies

Perfect Your Sales Presentations

How to Close a Presentation

Look Closely at Your Words

Great Speakers Use Action Verbs

Build Your Business with Great Presentations

Being Predictable is Boring

Every Presentation Has a Premise

The #1 Secret of a Powerful Speech

Open Your Presentation with Impact

““Thank you for the 7 spectacular presentations at the year-end conferences. Our clients loved you!””

ADP – Lois Fried, CPP, Client Trainer, ADP

Your Introduction Sets the Tone

The Circular Technique for Great Presentations

All Speaking is Public Speaking

How to Begin Your Sales Presentations

Speak to be Remembered and Repeated

Put Power into Your PowerPoint

An Easy Way to Improve Your Presentations

Good to Great Presentation Techniques

Specificity Builds Credibility

A Great Presentation Is Not Conversation

The Best Way to Perfect Presentations

Patricia Turns Engineers into Rock Stars

Great Presentations Inspire Action

““As usual, your keynote speech at Microsoft was terrific. All day the buzz was about your keynote.””

Bill Koefoed, General Manager, Investor Relations, Microsoft

Selling Yourself and Your Ideas

Sales Presentations - Personalized to your audience

Stories Drive Your Sales Presentations

The #1 Secret to a Powerful Presentation

Techniques to Make a Good Story Great

How to Create Your Keynote Fast 1

How to Create Your Keynote Fast 2

How to Create Your Keynote Fast 3

How to Create Your Keynote Fast 4

How to Perfect Your Sales Presentations 30 minutes

Powerful Words to Make More Sales

Life is a Series of  Sales Presentations

Engage an Audience After a Sales Seminar

Powerful Presentations - Does Practice Improve?

Powerful Presentations - Less Words More Impact

Powerful Presentations - Improve Your Stories

How Powerful Presentations Become Great

Powerful Presentations Need Quality Words

What Hollywood Can Teach Public Speakers

The Power of the Pause in Presentations

Build Your Credentials When You Speak

Great Presentations - Your Audience Needs Time

Great Presentations - Your One Word Advantage

Great Presentations - Your Prospects Don't Do This

Great Presentations - Deliver the Dialogue

Great Presentations - Remembered & Repeated

Great Presentations - Your Impact Phrase

Great Presentations - All Speaking is Public Speaking

Great Presentations - Practice Makes Perfect?

Great Presentations - Opportunities Knock

Great Presentations - Transition into Your Premise

Great Presentations - Arouse Interest

"Patricia Fripp is astounding! She continues to set high standards for all APA speakers. Her multiple presentations continue to receive rave reviews from our attendees. For over 20 years the American Payroll Association leaders, speakers and members have benefited from Patricia's expertise and talents." – Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

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