How to Make Your Virtual Presentations as Effective as In-Person

Your virtual presentations can be as effective as in-person presentations – even better!

Virtual presentations can have a lasting impact. When you make your message memorable, your communication clear, and your presentation powerful, you position yourself for success.

Can Virtual Presentations Really Be as Effective as In-Person?

As THE presentation skills expert, I’m suggesting that virtual presentations can be even better than in-person ones. The pandemic canceled a keynote speech I was scheduled to deliver in person. The subject was business storytelling, a skill this team knew they needed to master. I suggested that we could do this virtually. When they realized it would be a long time before we could get together, especially because we were all over the country and in Europe, they asked, “How would you handle this?”

A Brilliant Idea

Meanwhile, an innovative leader within this company came up with the brilliant idea to break into teams of eight and write a TED Talk about a different part of the organization than the one they actually worked in. They were to fast-forward two years into the future and imagine looking back on how they had innovatively and creatively served their customers during the pandemic.

One person from each of the 10 teams delivered their team’s talk. I reviewed these recorded talks. I had them transcribed. Then, I rewrote the openings and the closings and gave specific suggestions on how each talk could be improved. Finally, I delivered a live virtual presentation introducing the very best “Fripp Techniques to Structure Your Presentation” and “Business Presentation Storytelling.” I introduced all the ways the TED Talks could be improved and sent the attendees back to work on them with their teams.

The teams looked at the portions of their talks that I had left untouched. They worked collaboratively to rewrite them. A new person from each group was selected to deliver the revised portion of their talk to their group.

Immersion is The Best Way to Learn a New Skill

In advance of their presentations, I worked with them to make sure they were incorporating the techniques they had learned in the web training as well as possible.

Then, we had a live virtual presentation for everyone. Everyone agreed that this process would have a greater and more lasting impact than even the very best keynote speech.

Sometimes virtual presentations can be more powerful because they can be part of an immersive process. If you need help with your presentations, you have a best friend who is a presentation skills expert. Let’s talk.

Virtual Presentations Have Lasting Impact when They’re Part of a Process

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With Patricia Fripp and FrippVT your virtual presentations can have a lasting impact.
With Patricia Fripp and FrippVT your virtual presentations can be successful and leave a lasting impact.

– Tom Esposito, Director Channel Marketing, Zebra Technologies

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