Rave Reviews for Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

“I wanted a super bowl quality coach. Patricia Fripp’s help in coaching and scripting was world-class. With Fripp, Darren and Mark on your team, you can go places.” Don Yaeger, Long-Time Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated magazine, Thirteen-Time New York Times Best-Selling

Deliver Unforgettable Presentations, Fripp, LaCroix, Brown


Deliver Unforgettable Presentations is not another how-to map from another “supposed expert” purporting to know how to help you! No, in a global world of noise, Deliver Unforgettable Presentations is the light on the horizon that gives you clarity, confidence, and direction to elevate and accelerate your success by three of the true global leaders in the speaking industry! Patricia Fripp, Darren LaCroix, and Mark Brown are true leaders among leaders. I have known them for more than two decades and it does not surprise me that everyone quotes them. Learn their insights, methods, and understand why CEO’s hire them to up-their-game!”  Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CMC/CBE/CSP/PDM, Author 20 books, three college graduate management textbooks, four best sellers, and is the Publisher of Performance Magazine.

“You are never going to find such a usable book on how to deliver an unforgettable presentation anywhere. So, you might as well get this one! The authors give you a step-by-step procedure to start your speech, with engaging and multiple examples to illustrate the seven steps that make up this book from start to finish.  Whether you are a beginning speaker with nervous knocking knees when you stand in front of a group or someone who has been delivering presentations for years, you are going to refine your approach. I guarantee it. As a speaker for decades around the globe, I am stunned by the depth and detail of the authors’ message.  If you are delivering a make-or-break business sales pitch, a celebratory speech, or a simple start to a meeting — you will find what you need in this book.  It’s also the kind of book where you can skip around, practice some of the ideas you encounter, and then go back and restudy the approach.  This little book may become your best lifetime speaking friend!”  Janelle Barlow, Ph.D. Author of four books including best-seller A Complaint is a Gift

29-Emmy winner Bill Stainton reading Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

“Words have the power to change the direction of your life. When those words are crafted and delivered in the right way the presentation becomes Unforgettable. Three of the most accomplished speakers in the world…read again, ‘in the world,’ have written this guide for you to master the power of unforgettable presentations. Follow their advice and let’s change the world!” Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, Golden Gavel Award 2001, Speaker Hall of Fame 1985, Author of 21 books including Speaking Secrets of The Masters.

“This book provides you with a shortcut to success. Whether you’re starting a business or running one, nothing will provide you with a faster shortcut to success than this book. In my experience, nothing will elevate your business faster than having the tools to be a good speaker. The confidence you can get when you know what you’re doing when you take the platform can be life-changing.”  Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue), Businesswoman, Speaker, Author of Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdu and How to Make Your Family Business Last

Steve Spangler is fired up over the ideas in Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

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