The Power of Lifelong Learning

When you have regular access to thought-provoking speakers, in the same meeting with interesting audience members, your life will be greatly improved.

We are all familiar with the expression, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person!” Which leads to a new non-paying, volunteer position.

I accepted the position of president for the Golden Gate Breakfast Club (GGBC). The GGBC was founded in 1946. Our website proclaims, “Come meet people who look at the world from the ‘Sunny-Side Up!’”  For decades members have met weekly to interact with each other and hear fascinating speakers. Our members are from various industries, and we benefit from a mixture of ambitious professionals and some active retirees. We are all lifelong learners.

In a world where knowledge is the cornerstone of progress, the convergence of ambitious professionals and active retirees in meetings featuring thought-provoking speakers is a catalyst for unparalleled growth and learning. Three times a month we meet in Zoom, which gives us access to members and speakers from around the globe.

The second speaker of my presidency was Commander Charlotte (Charlie) Yemm.

Commander Charlie Yemm

She was the first female in the Royal Navy to command an operational warship, conducting counter-terrorism patrols along the coast of Northern Ireland. Commander Yemm also served in the Gulf at the end of the second Gulf War and conducted counter-piracy off the coast of Somalia. She taught UK and international senior military leaders at the UK Defense Academy and has run the Royal Navy’s warfare training school. Currently, Commander Yemm serves in NATO’s High Readiness Headquarters, the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

Her talk A Life Without Limits was a hit. You can always tell success when the meeting is over and most of the audience is still there asking more questions. Commander Yemm and I are related through marriage, which made the success of her presentation even more rewarding.

The Golden Gate Breakfast Club (GGBC) has a very special place in my heart.

You may know, my speaking career began in the hairstyling industry. In 1976, one of my favorite hairstyling clients, Al Stanton, invited me to speak at GGBC. What a group! Judges, business leaders, the Fire Chief, and retired admirals were delightfully boisterous. As soon as the meeting was over, they left to return to their serious, demanding positions…I never forgot the feeling.

To my delight, in 2000 I was invited to become the first woman member. This was somewhat controversial. I understood. The energy changed, and they were concerned they could not have as much fun with each other. My strategy was to wear the most outrageous hat and outfits to give them an excuse to make fun of me. In any group, as soon as they feel comfortable having fun with you, you become one of them. Now I am giving my all to be a good leader.

For ambitious professionals, the GGBC gatherings are a treasure trove of wisdom.

The practice of regularly listening to thought-provoking speakers ignites a passion for lifelong learning. It underscores the idea that learning does not cease with age or success; it is a continuous journey that enriches our life, irrespective of our career stage.

In essence, these gatherings of the GGBC are more than just meetings; they are a celebration of the timeless pursuit of knowledge. They remind us that when we come together, with open minds and hearts, the exchange of knowledge becomes a powerful tool for personal and collective advancement.

If you’re interested in joining our vibrant Wednesday morning sessions 7:00–9:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Zoom, let me know. Check out website

Let us drink a toast to all lifelong learners.

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