The Thrill of the Merch Table: My Ultimate High

The Unmatched Buzz of Being “Fripp the Sister”

Imagine the electrifying atmosphere of a concert, the anticipation in the air, fans buzzing with excitement. There I am, not on the stage, yet at the heart of it all—the merchandise table. Yes, you heard it right. While my career as a presentation skills expert is both exhilarating and fulfilling, nothing quite matches the adrenaline rush I get from being the “guest star merchandizer” at my brother Robert Fripp’s concerts.

Adventures in Merchandising: A Family Affair

Robert, an internationally acclaimed guitarist of King Crimson, and his business partner David Singleton are currently enchanting audiences on their Englishmen Abroad speaking tour. I had the joy of joining them in Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Picture this: the crowd’s anticipation building, there I was saying, “Welcome music fans. Can I help you with your merchanting opportunities? Tell your friends Robert Fripp’s sister took your money.” The moment Robert introduces me—“Our guest star merchandizer, my sister Patricia Fripp”—and the crowd erupts, that’s when I feel an indescribable buzz.

Autographs, Photos, and Unbridled Joy

What makes this experience so special? It’s the sheer joy of connecting with fans, the expression of love and appreciation for my brother, and being an integral part of the show. Fans recognizing me as “Fripp the sister” and their thrill at getting an autograph or a photo together adds a layer of warmth to the experience. It’s a reminder of the unique bond music and speaking engagements create among people.

The Art of Selling: It’s Easier When It’s Not Your Own

Ever noticed how selling someone else’s merchandise feels surprisingly easier? Perhaps it’s the detachment, or maybe it’s the passion for sharing something you believe in. For me, it’s a blend of both, coupled with the excitement of playing a role in my brother’s creative journey.

What Makes You Feel Most Alive?

Sister Fripp at the merch table

This adventure at the merch table, amidst the chaos and the cheers, is where I feel most alive. It’s a testament to the power of family, passion, and the joy of connecting with others over shared interests. Now, I turn the question to you: What makes you feel most alive? Is it the thrill of the stage, the joy of helping others succeed, or perhaps, like me, an unexpected role that brings you closer to the people and passions you cherish?

When your message must be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful, remember—it’s the unexpected roles that often bring us the most joy. Let’s embrace them with open arms and a hearty laugh.

You can enjoy watching four recorded live presentations delivered by Robert Fripp along with his sister.