It is Not Your Customer’s Responsibility to Remember You

It is your obligation and responsibility not to let them forget you.

Patricia Fripp can help you drive more sales by perfecting your important sales conversations.

We all know it is easier to resell your satisfied customers than find new ones. However, you are failing your customers if they don’t know how you can serve them in different ways than they first engaged with you.

Never assume that customers, clients, and prospects know what you do and why they need you. A brilliant woman who receives my weekly video and emails asked, “Can you help me with a five-minute presentation?” This is a perfect example of something I always tell my clients, “Never assume that everyone on your mailing list, or everyone you’ve done business with you in the past, knows how you can be of service to them.” You also may be wondering, “How can Patricia help me?” Let us count the ways.

When your message must be memorable, I can help you script and structure your presentation. Or, I can make your sales team more effective, improving their sales conversations and presentations to make them truly compelling.

Or, even better, get immediate access to my coaching and expertise 24/7 so that in a few short hours, you will understand what it has taken me years to learn and with many thousands of dollars invested.

It would be my pleasure to help you understand how I can train and coach you through Fripp Virtual Training on Powerful, Persuasive Presentations. This replicates my in person training and coaching easily, quickly, conveniently and very cost effectively.

Fripp Virtual TrainingBecome a great presenter quickly, easily, and cost-effectively on your own schedule. I’m here for you 24/7 through Fripp Virtual Training.

“I wanted a super bowl-quality coach, and I was lucky to be introduced to Patricia Fripp. Her help in coaching and scripting was world-class. With Patricia Fripp on your team, you can go places.”
– Don Yaeger, Long-Time Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated magazine, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Eleven-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Don’t Assume Your Message Is Coming Through

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Executive Speech Coach and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp works with those who realize that powerful, persuasive presentation skills give them a competitive edge.

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