How to Relax for Your Presentation

You can learn how to relax and deliver your presentation with confidence.
A great presentation is the most cost-effective way to generate interest in your services, products, expertise, or organization.

Is fear of death really second only to fear of public speaking? Maybe you can relate? A presentation is the most cost-effective way to generate interest in your services, products, expertise, or organization.

Consider, how many contacts, clients, buyers you might capture with a 20-minute talk? If the thought of a great outcome isn’t enough to calm butterflies in your stomach, I share these pre-presentation exercises to help you relax and channel any remaining nervousness into energy.

You’ve prepared, edited, and thoroughly rehearsed your talk. This should give you a degree of confidence when it comes time to deliver it. If you’re still somewhat nervous, you can physically prepare and calm yourself.

Warm up and relax your body and face – off stage and out of view of your audience.

1. If you’re wearing high heels, take them off. Now, stand on one leg and shake the other. You can onto hold a chair for stability. When you put your foot back on the ground, it’s going to feel lighter than the other one. Now, switch legs and shake. You want your energy to go through the floor and out of your head. This sounds rather cosmic, but it isn’t. It’s a practical technique used by actors.

2. Shake your hands…fast. Hold them above your head, bending at the wrist and elbow and then bring your hands back down. This will make your hand movements more natural.

3. Warm up your face muscles by chewing in a highly exaggerated way.

4. Do shoulder and neck rolls. Imagine you’re eye level with a clock. As you look at 12, pull as much of your face up to 12 as you can; now move it to three, then down to six, and finally over to nine.

These exercises will warm you up and relax you. The exaggerated movements will make your movement flow more naturally as you deliver your presentation.

Consider the business you will generate through your talk. This should help you feel good about speaking! I encourage you to work on your presentation skills, step up to the podium, and profit from the experience.

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Relax & Deliver Your Presentation with Confidence

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