The One Secret of How to Create a Powerful Presentation

There is no one secret to a powerful presentation, but if there were, it would be this – your subject must be interesting to your audience. If your audience doesn’t know whether they’re interested in your subject, how do you get them to connect with it?

In truth, everyone is more interested in themselves than they are in you.


  • You’re sharing great information
  • You’re helping clients improve their situation
  • You’re giving your audience advice they can use

You will develop a relationship.

Keep in mind that your audience members are most interested in their own concerns, not yours. This is why you must always speak as an audience advocate.

If you have an established area of expertise, you’re often asked to deliver the same type of presentation with all the same content to different audiences. How do you keep it interesting?

Robert Fripp shares one secret
One secret from legendary guitarist Robert Fripp, “…the assumption of innocence within a context of experience.”

My brother, the legendary guitarist, Robert Fripp advises, “You are giving a performance, and you might have played the same music for 40 years, gotten in and out of vans hundreds of times, and repeatedly stayed in modest accommodations…” (Fortunately, non-musicians usually stay in nicer hotels and don’t have to get in and out of vans.) Nevertheless, Robert says, “Every time you put your foot on the stage, it is a new experience. This music has never been played before to this audience in this venue at this time. It is the first time, and there is the assumption of innocence within a context of experience.It should be exactly the same for a speaker.

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