Do You Know How to Keep Your Audience Interested?

Scene from Rocky film - films and speeches must change scenes to keep your audience interested.
Like a great film, a presentation must vary scenes, pace, and energy to keep an audience interested.

Is Your Speech as Good as a Movie?

Do you vary your scenes? The biggest enemy of a speaker, no matter how exceptional, is sameness or lack of variety. Each time you move from story to story or example to example, you create a scene change and keep your audience interested.

Early in every movie, the hero or heroine commits to some course of action. Rocky Balboa agrees to fight Apollo Creed. Elle Woods of Legally Blonde resolves to go to Harvard. The sooner this happens, the sooner the audience gets emotionally involved.

Next, the lead character overcomes one challenge and runs smack into another. This involves scene changes. The movie literally moves from point to point, maintaining interest by changing settings, focal points, emotions, and energy levels.

Use variety to keep your audience interested. Sadly, I’ve watched attractive, dynamic, articulate speakers go down in flames because the same energy level was used throughout their speech. Their scenes never changed. Take your audience on the same journey as the audience of a great film, moving them from place to place and emotion to emotion in their imaginations.

Enjoy the variety of this story. By the way the bank president Gary Richter is now a Congressman. The only one in my cell phone!

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