One Frequently Overlooked Technique That Makes You Look Good

Long before the world shifted to remote work, I championed the effectiveness of virtual meetings for coaching and training top professionals. The goal is simple: connect deeply and persuasively with your audience, no matter where they are.Improve your presentations

Here’s how you can enhance your virtual engagement:

Set the Stage: Always ensure your background is neat and professional—this frames your environment and professional image.

Visibility Matters: Activate your webcam! Make eye contact by smiling directly into the camera, crafting what I call “energetic intimacy.”

Stay Hydrated, Stay Refined: It’s natural to need a sip of water during discussions. However, opt for a more elegant solution than a bulky water bottle. My top suggestion? Use a straw! It’s not just about avoiding awkward angles (nobody wants the “up-the-nose” view). It’s about maintaining poise and professionalism without interruption.

These small and impactful tips have revolutionized how speakers present virtually, ensuring their messages are heard and remembered.

The straw is the one frequently overlooked technique that makes you look good.

Let’s make your next virtual meeting memorable for all the right reasons.Smile into your webcam

Elevate Your Presentations: When your message must be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful, I’m here to guide you.


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