Mistakes Speakers Make: Know When You Are Completed Your Speech

I am frequently asked, “What are the mistakes that speakers make?”

One mistake is thinking that once you have prepared your content and have your PowerPoint ready, you’re done.

No, you’re halfway done. Once you know exactly what you want to say and have it organized, and the visual presentation is prepared, get your presentation into your body. This is probably the biggest mistake that executives make.

I recommend to my speech coaching clients that they need to know their presentations so well they can forget them.

I consider this internalized rather than memorized. Imagine your spouse elbowed you in the middle of the night, waking you from a deep sleep. Could you deliver the opening of your upcoming speech?

As Oscar-winner Michael Caine says, “Rehearsal is the work; performance is the relaxation.” Remember, when you think you’re done, you’re halfway there.

Powerful and persuasive presentations take preparation.

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