Mistakes Speakers Make: You Waste Your Time If You Do This

I’m frequently asked, “What are the mistakes that speakers make?”

One is thinking they have to write out their complete speech.

What I recommend you do instead is follow a logical presentation preparation process.

Think, what is the big idea of your speech, your premise, or your central theme?

What are the talking points? What are the stories and examples you’ll use? Add these ideas to a whiteboard, a flip chart, or a yellow pad. You might come up with some initial scripting for your opening and closing. Next, stand up and talk through the framework of your presentation. Finally, have it transcribed.

Then if you want a script, take it from what you said.

Save time and improve your presentations.

It is difficult to write conversationally. From your conversational script, tighten and clean up what you said. Add specificity. Remove fuzzy language and non-words. When you rehearse, you will find this process will make it much easier to remember.

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