Memories of the Amazing Zig Ziglar

After my LinkedIn posts about my Frippicisms™, Rich Ermlick wrote “You have more Zingers than Zig Ziglar.”

This brought back two wonderful memories I have not thought about in years.

Zig Ziglar motivational speaker.

In the early stages of my speaking career, I attended one of Zig’s Richer Life courses in Dallas. At that time, my reputation as a top men’s hairstylist preceded me. Zig, intrigued, asked if I would cut his hair. Delighted by the results, he insisted he take me to lunch. As we queued to pay—standing beside the most renowned speaker in the US, in his very hometown—the woman in line behind said, “Excuse me, aren’t you Patricia Fripp? Two months ago, I came to one of your hairstyling events in Lubbock, Texas.”

Zig’s mouth dropped. My comment was, “I told you I was famous.”

Fast forward a few years to Redding, California, where I was slated as the opening act for Zig in front of a two-thousand-strong audience. Post-performance, the atmosphere backstage was tense; Zig’s plane hadn’t landed. Facing the anxious promoter’s team, I declared, “Somebody better entertain them until Zig gets here, and I assume it is none of you.”

Despite not having hours of prepared content, I dove into a session on time management, a topic I was then teaching. The audience received an unexpected extension of Fripp time, which they seemed to appreciate. Once I saw the hand wave from the back of the auditorium, I concluded my thought. Then said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the man you have been waiting for…” Though I didn’t cut his hair this time, Zig’s gratitude over breakfast was overwhelming.

These experiences underscore a profound truth: our paths are filled with unexpected turns and remarkable encounters that shape our journey. Standing alongside giants like Zig Ziglar, we find our own space to shine, lead, and inspire.

When I joined the National Speakers Association I had no idea what would happen in my life and career

“For twenty years I have been attending National Speakers Association conferences with my wife Janelle Barlow, Ph.D. I learned more about speaking from working on my most important speech with Patricia Fripp than in the prior twenty years. Her suggestions and guidance were invaluable.” Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

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