Fripp’s Speaking Habit and a Garth Brooks Experience

Last December, my show partner and fellow Hall of Fame speaker Marilyn Sherman and I had the pleasure of attending a Garth Brooks concert at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace—arguably the finest venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

The experience was not just a musical delight; it was a profound lesson in audience engagement, mirroring a habit I’ve cultivated over my decades as a speaker: being my own warm-up act.

Garth Brooks

Garth, with his charismatic presence, took to the stage, embodying what seasoned speakers and performers understand deeply—building rapport with your audience beforehand creates a more thrilling and impactful experience. He greeted the audience with a candid admission: “The sound is very different with people in the audience. This is going to sound very unprofessional!” This moment of vulnerability and authenticity had the crowd erupting in excitement. At that point, it was just Garth and his audience, no IMAG, no barriers, just a genuine connection.

He reminisced about his previous Vegas shows at the Wynn, which I also had the fortune to attend. Those shows, marked by their simplicity—just Garth and his guitar—left a lasting impression. Yet, this time, he promised something different with the presence of his band. However,  first, he wanted to express his gratitude. As the curtain lifted, revealing the band, the stage was set not just for a concert but for an unforgettable experience. The show lasted nearly two and a half hours, with the audience’s energy remaining sky-high throughout.

This concert was a masterclass in engagement, echoing my approach to speaking. Just as Garth acted as his own warm-up—setting the stage for an unforgettable night—I believe in warming up my audience, and establishing a connection before getting on stage to deliver my presentation. This technique, whether on the concert stage or the speaking platform, transforms the experience from mere presentation to memorable interaction.

Garth’s approach—his willingness to be vulnerable, to connect and to thank his audience before anything else—reinforces a crucial lesson for speakers and performers alike. The power of personal connection cannot be understated; it transforms spectators into participants, creating a shared experience that resonates long after the event concludes.

As Garth Brooks demonstrated that night, and as I’ve endeavoured to embody throughout my career, the essence of a powerful presentation lies in the ability to forge a genuine connection with your audience. It’s about more than just delivering content; it’s about creating an experience that’s memorable, impactful, and above all, personal.

When your message needs to be unforgettable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful, remember the power of personal connection. It’s a lesson from the concert stage that applies equally to the speaking platform, a strategy for success that I’m passionate about sharing with my clients.

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