What Do You Do Just Before Your Presentation?

Imagine that you’re waiting offstage, about to deliver an important presentation. Are you a little bit nervous? Are you warming up? Or, have you found a comfortable chair in a corner where you can surreptitiously check your messages? (Hint: This would be a mistake!) In this brief video sample from Fripp Virtual Training, I explain what you should and shouldn’t do in the minutes before you take the stage:

Always arrive early. And when possible, before everyone is seated, circulate and introduce yourself to some of your audience members. This will help you warm up your body and voice, and also become more comfortable with your audience. Relax, warm up, and focus in the moments before you deliver your presentation and you’ll help ensure it’s a success.

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– Brian Marlier, Senior Vice President, US Enterprise, Cisco

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More to Help You Just before Your Presentation

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