How to Organize Your Speech – Focus on The Basics

Every successful speech begins with an underlying structure.

As a professional, you know that when it comes to advancing in your career and boosting your income, good presentation skills can make the difference between stagnation and success.

Understand the payoff

When your message is memorable, your communication clear, and your presentation powerful, you will position yourself for greater success. You are smart enough to know that being ambitious, intelligent, and well educated is not enough.  If you are going to reach your true potential you need to be known as someone who speaks in a clear, concise, and credible way.

A valuable asset to every communicator

Throughout my speech coaching career, my Fripp Speech Model has been well received and often requested. You have the confidence of knowing that it is used by professional speakers, corporate executives, and sales teams. They would not consider putting together a presentation without it.

When you organize your thoughts to create a speech or presentation, start with the basic key elements.

Make your presentation powerful

The key elements are your opening, your closing, and your premise. You will have access in this brief video below and The Fripp Speech Model and more.

Your speech begins with questions

In the video below, you will hear questions to ask yourself about the make-up of your audience. Also, what are the unanswered questions you need to answer in your presentation?

My gift to you – valuable resources

Because they will save you time and thousands of dollars.

The Fripp Speech Model and more  

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Here are a few more of the complementary resources on to help you develop the underlying structure that is essential to a successful presentation:  “Everything Starts with Structure – How & Why to Create an Outline for Your Speech.”

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