The Fripp Speech Model

As a professional, you know that when it comes to advancing in your career and boosting your income, good presentation skills can make the difference between stagnation and success.

When your message is memorable, your communication clear, and your presentation powerful, you will position yourself for greater success. You are smart enough to know that being ambitious, intelligent, and well educated is not enough.  To reach your true potential you need to be known as someone who speaks in a clear, concise, and credible way.

Throughout my speech coaching career, my Fripp Speech Model has been well received, often requested, and used by professional speakers, corporate executives, and sales teams who would not consider putting together a presentation without it.

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Understanding the Fripp Speech Model

Speech Structure: The Body of Your Speech FrippVT  

Fripp Speech Model  Diagram 1

This diagram shows your options for organizing your speech content.

For each Point of Wisdom, you may want to Give an Explanation, then an Example, and the Application for this audience.

OR for each Point of Wisdom, you have an option to use the timeline formula: Past, Present, Future.

OR for each Point of Wisdom, it may serve your message to use the success formula of Problem, Solution, Example.

Fripp Speech Model  Diagram 2

This diagram is for your creative process and preparation. Print out as many as you want and work out what is best for the presentation you are working on.

Fripp Speech Model  Diagram 3
This diagram is Writeable. This is for your final outline. Fill in the words that remind you of the idea, stories, or examples you want to use.

How to Open Your Presentation with Impact

Effective Storytelling in Business

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