Do You Enjoy the Luxury of Being Remembered and Repeated? Learn How to Make It Happen

Your Soundbite Statement, AKA Your Foundational Phrase

Within many of your stories is a foundational phrase.

This is a short sentence that gets your point across or summarizes your story. It adds clarity so that your audience grasps your message easily. These phrases are both memorable and easy for you and your audience to remember.

Here are some of my favorite foundational phrases from my stories and talks:

“Life is a series of sales situations, and the answer is “no” if you don’t ask.”

“Speak to be remembered and repeated.”

“A story must be true, but not 100% accurate.”

“Don’t report on the dialogue; deliver the dialogue.”

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.”

“Don’t celebrate closing a sale. Celebrate opening a relationship.”

Your audience will be able to repeat your foundational phrase to their friends and associates.

When we remember vivid examples, we usually remember the associated soundbite statement. When you review the key points of your presentation, incorporate those statements.

My all-time favorite, of course, was when I was on 60 Minutes. The interviewer said, “You used to be a hairstylist; now you are a motivational speaker. There must be a big difference.” I answered, “When I was a hairstylist, I used to work on the outside of people’s heads. Now that I am a motivational speaker, I work on the inside of people’s heads. There is only a half-inch difference.” I then say to my audiences, “That line got me on 60 Minutes. That half-inch has made me millions of dollars. Not all in the same year.”

In case you want to see the 60 Minutes soundbite here it is!

Good luck with your soundbite statements. If you would like help, let’s talk.

“Every year, my appreciation for you grows stronger! With great enthusiasm and reliability, you have proven yourself to be an integral part of our annual conference and a favorite among our members.

Given the virtual environment, your speaker training program has become more important than ever. Our presenters greatly benefitted from the strategies and wisdom you shared, ensuring greater quality in every one of our workshops.

Thank you as well for facilitating a fantastic interview with our Payroll Man and Woman of the Year. Your thoughtful coaching and practice sessions allowed them to shine and speak confidently in the recording. Whether on-screen or in-person, your bright presence leaves a lasting impression.

Your speech coaching, influence and impact on our speakers and leaders shines through everything we do. What is most satisfying is that APA’s and GPMI’s community members are aware of your significance, and they credit you for their growth and ability to be a better communicator at meetings, conventions, through leadership and life.

Thank you so much for being an important part of our success! My most gracious thanks.” Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association