The Shocking Truth Unveiled! A Journey Through Time

Patricia at the time of her first management seminar

As a budding entrepreneur embarking on my journey with my upscale men’s hairstyling salon, I vividly remember attending my first management seminar. This was, of course, many moons ago, yet one statement from that day has stayed with me:

‘Your business is as good as your worst employee.’ Quite the alarming thought, isn’t it?

Fast forward to my days as a keynote speaker, I had the honor of sharing the stage with the iconic broadcaster, Paul Harvey. His words, much like the ones from my seminar days, left a lasting impression. He said, ‘For a company’s advertising strategy to work, it has to be handled both corporately and individually.’

Every member of your team must understand the significance of customer service in your business.

Laying the Foundations of Stellar Customer Service

Here are three strategies to ensure your team is equipped to keep customers satisfied and returning:

Empower Your Employees with Knowledge

Ensure your team understands and can articulate the benefits of your products or services. This might involve producing marketing content in various languages. Remember, your mission statement isn’t just a plaque on the wall; it’s a living, breathing philosophy. Get creative in how you communicate expectations—think engaging visuals and videos that illustrate how each employee contributes to achieving the company’s goals. Remember, it’s not only what you are saying, —it’s how you embody wha you are saying in your every day actions.

Celebrate Efforts and Achievements

Acknowledge and reward employees who exemplify outstanding customer service. Now, as an executive speech coach, I always advise my clients to include stories of their everyday heroes in their speeches. It boosts morale and sets a standard for others.

Engage with Your Front-Line Staff

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Your team members who interact directly with your customers are your company’s voice—and they’re also an invaluable source of customer insights. Regularly engage with them to learn what your customers are asking, what they complain about, and what they appreciate the most about your products or services. This is about learning from real-life interactions and ensuring everyone is part of the conversation.

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