Would You Like to Know Two Words that Devalue Your Products and Services?

Watch Your Use of “Basically” and “Simply”

Many of my clients offer complex solutions to solve their customers’ problems, streamline their businesses, and protect their valuable assets.

I am hired to help their technology experts simplify the complexity of their offerings so that their buyers will understand why it is a good investment. They will also be able to explain to others what they heard well enough to get their buy-in.

I strongly suggest, however, that they cut the words “basically” and “simply” from their conversations. My point to them is this: “If what you are selling is perceived as basic or simple, you would not be able to charge what you do.”

Why not record what you are saying to your customers and prospects? Discover if you are using these words that lower the sound of your value.

After all, we do not improve what we are not aware of.

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Two virtual engagements where you can Patricia speak in October.

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“Patricia Fripp is amazing. As a speech coach, you’ll never find anyone with her wisdom, experience, and ability. Once I began to work with her, she improved my speaking style immediately. Her ability to listen to what her clients want to say and instantly give them the right words to use is incredible. Patricia can take an average presentation and quickly transform it to become great.

She takes time to explain and teach her clients how to think about their speech structure and language so that they are equipped to apply the same strategy moving forward. Patricia truly cares a lot about her clients’ success. You get both a coach and a fan when you partner with Patricia.” – Bhavin Shah, CEO & Founder, Moveworks