Why Do Middle Aged Executives Do This? It Makes Me Want to Scream!

Yes, it makes me want to scream! Because “super” is not really super.

It appears that a huge amount of the population has come to believe that everything even slightly pleasant, wonderful, important, revolutionary, impressive, or valuable is now super. How about super-exciting, super-good, or super-great?

Our language is full of hundreds of descriptive words.

We have an abundance or plethora of choices. Please, put yourself on a non-super diet. Be more creative.

One of my clients held a four-day sales meeting. My role was to hold interactive sessions to improve the sales presentations with the relatively young sales teams.

As my client, Greg explained, “They are mostly in their 20s and early 30s. For most, it is their first or second sales job.”

Naturally, I sat in on all the General Sessions where we heard from their middle-aged executives. For four days, I heard no other adjective except “super” from the stage. Everybody was super excited. The new programs were super. The sessions were super.

It felt as if the middle-aged executives were trying to sound young and hip to their young audience.

Shouldn’t they have been role models of the best way to communicate? In my opinion, every leader at every level has a responsibility to demonstrate how to look, act, and speak if you want to advance in your career. This is how you are more likely to build rapport and drive the sale forward with customers of all ages.

Do you agree that too much “super” is not super?

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