Want to Make More Sales? Please Lose These Words

Better Words Better Results

Watch your use of “Basically” and “Simply”

Many of my clients offer complex solutions to solve their customers’ problems, streamline their businesses, and protect their valuable assets.

They engage me to help their technology experts simplify the complexity of their offerings so that their buyers will understand why it is a good investment. I tell them, “Speak to be remembered and repeated. Then your message is not diluted and they can better explain to others what they heard enough to get their buy-in.”

As part of my coaching, I strongly suggest they cut the words “basically” and “simply” from their conversations. My point is this: “If what you are selling is perceived as basic or simple, you would not be able to charge the fee that you do.”

When discussing your offering say, “Let us begin with a high-level overview…” or “Let us focus on how your environment will improve when you invest in…” or “Most of our clients tell us they would not have believed it possible to… Thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate why.”

Why not record what you are saying to your customers and prospects? Discover if you are using these words that lower the sound of your value. You will not improve what you are not aware of.

The words you lose are as important as the words you use.

After all, we do not improve what we are not aware of. Remember, you invest months to get to the formal presentation, why not increase the odds of success and invest a small portion of that time to what you will say when you confidently look at your prospects?

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“As a speech coach, Patricia Fripp is a miracle worker.” Larraine Segil, Chairman and CEO, Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation

“Without your guidance, I would not have been able to accept invitations to Cambridge University and speak to 10,000 on the platform with President Obama.” Angela Cearns, Chief eCommerce Officer, Yum

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