Don’t Fade into the Background

When you count your riches, do you do it in money or memories?

For me, memories win out every time. At this point, most of my friends and I enjoy experiences together instead of exchanging gifts.

Don’t fade into the background

Many years ago, on my first and only trip to speak at a series of events in South Africa, my hosts took their speakers to a game park.  A game park is not at all like a zoo, and it was hardly roughing it. By the time we got up for our 6:30 a.m. café au lait, the beaters had been out for an hour. We bundled up in layers of clothes and climbed into big high jeeps. We were all excited to see the animals and they were as magnificent as you would expect.

We saw lions, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, and others we did not initially recognize. What I found surprising, was how when these magnificent animals stood perfectly still, you couldn’t see them. They were camouflaged. On reflection, I realized what keeps these animals alive in their jungle will get us eaten alive in ours.

 Although there are times it is practical to fade into the background. In general, you want to stand out, be distinctive and memorable.

After all, as I tell my audiences, “There is no point going anywhere if people do not remember you were there.” This is a Frippcisim ®

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