The #1 Best way to Make An Impact With Your Speech – Customize

Patricia Fripp, Hall of Fame Keyote Speaker - Speaking for The American Payroll Association
Patricia Fripp, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker & Executive Speech Coach – Speaking for ADP

If you are looking for the number one best way to make an impact with your speech –  the answer is simple. Customize!

Be aware of your audience’s needs and concerns as you develop every aspect of your speech. Here is an overview of top techniques to customize your presentations. These techniques are used by top professional keynote speakers. However, my corporate speech coaching clients have been incorporating many of them into their presentations with great success.

Top Techniques to Customize Your Presentation

1.) The number one customizing technique… ask background questions.

2.) Interview for examples of the skill you are helping the audience improve.

3.) Interview the company leadership or the association board of directors for their success stories from everyday heroes within their organization.

4.) Read the client’s magazines and newsletters.

5.) Interview industry experts.

6.)  Become an industry expert – put yourself in the shoes of a potential client. (A highly effective technique!)

7.) Listen to the other speakers on the program before you and quote them – especially the company or association executives.

8.) Mention and quote your corporate sponsor – or champion of the meeting.

9.) Customize your PowerPoint.

10.) Become a customer. Sometimes you luck out because you already are a customer!

11.) Experience “a day in the life” of your audience.

12.) Customize onsite with planned questions for both leaders and the audience.

13.) Part of onsite customization… Use the “you never know” technique – keep an eye out for opportunities and be flexible.

14.) Playoff the client’s specialty advertising or conference gifts.

15.) Add client-specificity.

16.) Make promo videos to help promote the meeting.

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