Want to Increase Sales? Remember, It is Not Your Client’s Job to Remember You

It is not your client’s job to remember you; it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure you are unforgettable.

Here is a great action step for you to take… Call your five best clients – those whom you currently use as references. Even if you leave a voicemail, say, “Bob, I never get tired of telling the story about how we (fill in the name of an important project you worked together on). Would you mind telling me in your words what your experience was? Did we reach or exceed your expectations? Did we come in under budget? With your permission, I’d like to make an appointment and record your comments. Can I use you as an example in my sales presentations? Let me know when we can talk.”

Your satisfied clients are not going to mind. In fact, they’d probably be flattered to be featured in your sales presentations, and you will be amazed at how eloquent they are. Most likely they will be more complimentary and come up with better phrases and rave reviews than you can remember or make up. In your stories, you will have the actual dialogue of what they’re saying about you. You might even be able to get all the information from comments you have on your website or in letters. Make sure you have specifics.

Still shy about asking? Here is a bonus: the very fact that you are calling will often remind them that they need more of your services. Or they were just talking about you to a friend and they now have a reference for you. This has happened many times in my business when I just called to say, “Hi!” I’ve also experienced it from the client-side when one of my vendor partners has called me.

This is a twofer: you update your stories with fresh material AND set up an opportunity for more business… just by picking up the phone.

Executive Speech Coach and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp is hired by individuals and companies who realize that powerful, persuasive presentation skills give them a competitive edge.

“Back in 2018, we invited you to help us with an important sales presentation, which we won. You will be as excited to know, that it continues to reap dividends! Last year, we were awarded $1.6 million in business with them. We just received a $2.8 million order from them already this year and it is still January. Your advice and coaching are awesome. What an ROI!”
Michael E. Stryczek, President & CEO, AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)