Train Your Sales Team Better and Faster than Your Competition

Sales Presentations Skills Training is a Great Idea

Imagine the impact if your team’s sales presentations are not just good… they were magnetic. This is not a far-fetched dream; it’s a very achievable reality.

The Challenge: A Common Hurdle in Sales

Not long ago, a prospect called and said, “Help! My team’s presentations are terrible. We do not consistently tell the same story, and our company has set ambitious goals for this year. I heard from a colleague that you can help.”

This wasn’t just about improving their slide deck. It was about transforming their entire approach to communication.

The Solution: Tailored and Effective

I suggested a simple yet impactful strategy that works for my best clients. “Let me hear your core presentation, and I’ll offer my suggestions and recommendations. If you like them, we can improve your presentation and then teach that to your team members.” This led to an eye-opening meeting. Larry delivered his best presentation, and as promised, I suggested how it could be more impactful.

For example, “This will only take a few minutes….” The presentation was twenty-eight minutes. Don’t begin with a lie.

As part of the presentation, Larry said, “This presentation is about you.” Except most of the language was “I” focused, not “You” focused.

I proposed a series of training and coaching sessions via Zoom, complemented by self-study through my Fripp Virtual Training online learning platform. This process is more than convenient and cost-effective; it’s a blend of repetition and reinforcement, essential to master persuasive presentation skills. Then when we get together in person, Larry’s sales team will deliver their presentation for my razor-focused coaching. The team collaborates and learns from each other.

I suggested to Larry, “Training is not what you did, it is what you do.” Ongoing, consistent, and relentless.

If you are considering sales presentation skills training…or any other training that drives revenue…don’t wait.

The Outcome: Tangible and Immediate Results

Fripp knows the secrets to more sales.

Here’s what you can expect from this approach:

Rapid Skill Enhancement: Capitalize on the initial enthusiasm to fast-track the development of effective presentation techniques, directly impacting your sales results.

Boosted Confidence: Spaced training will elevate your team’s confidence, empowering them to present more persuasively and close deals with greater efficiency.

Accelerated ROI: The sooner we begin, the quicker you will witness a return on your investment, reflected in enhanced sales performance.

Long-Term Advantages: Starting early allows ample time for refining and practicing new skills, ensuring lasting improvements in your sales presentations.

Team Building: Based on my experience, I have frequently heard, “We hired you for presentation training; however, this was the best team-building experience ever.”

Remember, every day without these enhanced skills represents a missed opportunity for better sales and client connections. Delaying can diminish the initial drive and commitment to professional growth.

When your message needs to be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful, I am here to help. Don’t wait. Imagine your team operating at their full potential. 

“Back in 2018, we invited you to help us with an important sales presentation, which we won. You will be as excited to know that it continues to reap dividends! Last year, we were awarded $1.6 million in business with them. We just received a $2.8 million order from them already this year and it is still January. Your advice and coaching are awesome. What a ROI!” Michael E. Stryczek, President & CEO, AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)

Fripp Virtual Training will transform your sales presentation.

Nothing is better than enthusiastic coaching clients. With Tom Ferry Speaker Bureau members.