Celebrating a Life-Changing Journey: January 18th, A Day of Reflection

Each year, on January 18th, I find myself pondering with a blend of celebration and introspection.

This date marks a pivotal moment in my life, a day that set the course for an extraordinary journey.

Robert and Patricia Fripp on the way to the Majestic

The First Glimpse of a New World

Decades ago, as a young 20-year-old, I vividly recall peering through the porthole of my room on the USS United States. My eyes caught the first light of dawn illuminating the Statue of Liberty. That iconic symbol of freedom and hope was my welcome to a new country, a new life. With just $500 in my pocket, no job, and no contacts, I stepped into the vast unknown. Or as I considered, a great adventure.

A Post-War British Perspective

Reflecting back, I realize that my departure from Britain was during a time when the nation was still healing from the scars of World War II. My experience with America was limited to what was depicted in movies. I firmly believed that in America everyone was rich and the streets were paved with movie stars! Naïve and optimistic, I never considered the possibility of failure – a mindset that served me well. It was nice to know, if I was ever without money or unhappy, my father would send me a ticket to go back. It was a source of pride, that once I left home at 18, I never asked my parents for money.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Hailing from a small town in the south of England, where societal expectations for girls were modest, I now recognize that staying would have meant forgoing the chance to evolve into the person I was meant to be. Moving 6,000 miles away was not just a change in geography; it was a transformation of destiny.

Gratitude and Contribution

Patricia and Robert in Montreal. Patricia was training a sales team. Robert and his band King Crimson were performing.

America offered me once unimaginable opportunities. In my journey, I have strived to make a positive impact, and to contribute in ways both large and small. As an immigrant, I deeply appreciate the possibilities that have been available for me to take advantage of. Thank you, America. You have exceeded my wildest expectations.

The photograph of the young Fripps was taken two weeks before I got on the boat. I was going to the Majestic Hotel with my brother Robert Fripp. He played in the band while attending college. He became an internationally acclaimed guitarist. I was a hairstylist and became an award-winning speaker and presentation skills expert. Robert Fripp became an internationally acclaimed guitarist.