The Screenplay of Your Life: Time for a Rewrite?

Every story has a “Once Upon a Time.”  Part Two.

The place where the intricate weave of values, experiences, and influences begins to shape the fabric of our lives.

When I was twelve, I knew I was more artistic than academic and enjoyed engaging with, and learning from, adults. It seemed a good idea to become a hairstylist in a high-class salon. That was my goal and vision for the future.

My father was a successful auctioneer and real estate agent.

patricia and robert
Patricia and Robert Fripp

We lived above his business premises. One Sunday, sitting in his front office, I was looking through the Sunday newspapers. In the News of The World was a photo of a glamorous movie star, wearing a designer suit with a mink coat over her shoulders. She was posed standing at the door of a plane, a perfect frame to the photo.

Suddenly, I felt a burst of energy go through my body.

What I would now compare to the power surge of rebooting your computer. At that moment, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that one day, I was going to have a job where I would wear glamorous clothes and travel the world..

This vision as a twelve-year-old did not fit my reality or understanding.

However, I can still see that image and feel the energy.

At age fifteen, for six days a week, I sat upstairs on the #22 bus going to Bournemouth where I served my hairstyling apprenticeship. Surrounded by my friends who were also working their first jobs, we would chat and discuss our lives and plans for the future. One morning, my chums were talking about growing up and marrying millionaires. We didn’t know any. Decades later, I still vividly remember thinking, “It is much more practical to be a millionaire than to marry one.” I had no idea how that would happen. I just knew my life would be different from my friends.

It might interest you to know, that my mother and father gave me advice that my friends did not get from their parents. On the first day of my apprenticeship, as my dad said goodbye he said, “In your career, do not concentrate on making a lot of money. Rather concentrate on becoming the type of person others want to do business with and you most likely will make a lot of money.” My very glamorous mother said, “Of course, it is the inner you that is important. However, you have to dress up and look good so that you can attract people who will then find out how nice and smart you are and what value you can be to them.”

Now that you have a glimpse at the early screenplay of my life, where has yours taken you? Is it time for a rewrite?

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