The Hollywood Formula for Successful Storytelling – Expert Advice

Use this Hollywood formula for successful storytelling and make your presentation powerful and persuasive.

The hero or protagonist in your story is not necessarily a heroic character – just the person through whose eyes we see the story.

Share an average day in the life of the hero.
Help your audience personally relate to your hero’s situation at the beginning of your story. The audience can better relate to the hero when they understand some of the backstory.

Then, something happens . . .
This is the inciting incident that propels the hero into a challenge that leads to a lesson learned.

The result of that is . . .
How did the hero handle the challenge? Did they step up and embrace it?

Then, something else happens . . .
The hero faces another challenge, and the suspense in the story builds.

The result of that is . . .
What are the happily-ever-after and the result of the hero’s handling of the challenge?

The moral of the story is . . .
Your story has to connect directly and be relevant to the premise of your presentation. Otherwise, your audience is left thinking, “So what?”

Stories are the best way to explain the complex and help your audience ‘see’ your message.

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