Technique – The Best Way to Perfect Presentations

Practice Makes Perfect – Or Does it?

I’m a believer in learning through repetition and reinforcement. However, as we practice and rehearse our presentations we need to ask ourselves, “Am I practicing to improve or to reinforce bad habits?” The reality is that we are doing both.

You’re familiar with the expression, “Practice makes perfect.” No, not necessarily, but practice does make permanent.

Believe What Your Eyes Show You

Use video to evaluate your speaking. Get honest feedback from others. Identify what’s already working and reinforce what you do well naturally with technique. Armed with technique, you can consistently deliver a successful presentation – even under pressure.

For example, I’ve had to deliver keynote speeches at major conventions on the days after each of my parents died. Knowing the techniques that make speaking work, I never asked myself, “Do I feel like doing this?”

Even if you’re a reluctant speaker, when you study and practice speaking techniques, you can consistently deliver successful presentations.

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More Advice to Perfect Your Presentations

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