Sales Presentations – How to Be Clear ; Concise: Start with Structure

FrippVT Fripp Presentation Structure Video Screenshot
Patricia Fripp explains shows you how to structure a sales presentation through FrippVT.

When you know you’ll you have a few minutes to present to a true decision maker, what do you say? Don’t panic. This is a great opportunity. Be prepared and get to the point.

Remember, with a senior-level executive you must be clear, concise, credible, and able to articulate your bottom line. Always start with structure. No matter the importance of your message, your presentation will only be successful if you first recognize the importance of structure. I discuss structure in this video excerpt from Fripp Virtual Training:

Proper use of structure makes it easy for your prospect to follow what you are saying, whether in a casual conversation or a formal sales presentation.

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For 20 years I have hired Patricia Fripp to train and coach sales teams with amazing success. FrippVT, in combination with in-person training and coaching, is an unbeatable combination.
– Greg Stivers, Senior Vice President, Client Development, Concur

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Executive Speech Coach and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp works with individuals and companies who realize that powerful persuasive presentation skills give them a competitive edge.