How to Make Your PowerPoint More Powerful

Designing a presentation starts with the creative process, which can be messy. PowerPoint is tidy, but should only come in later when preparing a presentation. I love PowerPoint. Maybe you do too? Remember, however, that PowerPoint is a visual aid.

Consider a speaker you’ve enjoyed in the past, maybe at a conference. Let’s say this speaker delivered a wonderful presentation. What if they’d only sent their PowerPoint slides and hadn’t actually shown up? Would you have gotten their message?

Imagine that this same speaker talked without PowerPoint slides. Would you have enjoyed their presentation? Would you have learned? Of course you would. The presenter is obviously more important.

Planning a presentation can be a challenge, partly because the creative process is messy. Maybe you’re tempted to rely on PowerPoint because slides are tidier? Don’t be afraid of the creative process. Let yourself brainstorm and think, “What’s going in this presentation? What characters and stories do I bring in? Are there any case histories I can include? What questions can I ask?” Brainstorming is best done on paper, a flip chart, a whiteboard, or even Post-It notes.

Next, ask yourself, “What’s my central theme? What’s the logical order? What are the examples?” And then, when you have an outline on your flip chart or note pad, that’s when you can ask yourself, “Where do I need the visuals?”

Always work on your content and structure first. Once these are in place, it will become apparent how you can use visuals to support your message. PowerPoint is most powerful when it reinforces a well-crafted message.

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