How to Use Visuals So They Support Your Presentation

Executive Speech Coach and Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp
Executive Speech Coach & Sales Presentation Expert – Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Use technology to enhance your message, not to eclipse it.

Two executives came to me to develop a speech about a new product. They spent some time describing it, but what they said was so complicated that it was challenging for me to even begin to understand what it was that they were selling.

I knew that if I wasn’t able to “get it” through our conversation, the non-technical audience they were attempting to sell to would not either.

Finally, I asked them, “How will this change the way your customers do business? Tell me about the impact this will have on their lives.” At the end of our work together, they walked out with a great speech, supported by their PowerPoint slides.

One commented, “What a great process! Usually we put together 40 PowerPoint slides and then decide what to say in between.” This approach to a presentation can be exactly the problem. The misuse of technology turns speakers into mere readers of slide captions and personal communication is lost.

Don’t let yourself or your team fall into the trap of using technology as a substitute for communicating directly with audience members. Business and sales presentation audiences want to connect with real people.

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