How to Save Time Preparing Your Presentation

How to save time in creating your presentation? An efficient creative process starts with a white board, flip chart, or yellow pad.
Do you know how to save time in creating your presentation? An efficient creative process starts here.

Are You Spending Too Much Time Preparing Your Presentation?

Have you thought, “Wish I could create a great presentation without spending hours on it!”?

Let me show you how to save time when preparing your presentation. Why not speed up your preparation process by learning from someone else’s 30-plus years of experience? After delivering 3,247 presentations in-person and online, coaching hundreds of executives, sales teams, engineers, and high-priced professional speakers, I can guide you through the steps to creating and delivering successful presentations. Not only will you master the basics of the creative process, speech structure, and opening with impact, but you will also develop greater confidence.

Don’t start by immediately jumping into PowerPoint to create your slides. PowerPoint is a visual aid, not a scripting aid. An efficient creative process starts with a whiteboard, flip chart, or yellow pad. You must first:

  • Determine what your audience’s interest is for your subject.
  • Answer the question: “What is my premise, big idea, or central theme?”
  • Create a logical framework.

Start with the focus and structure of your presentation. You will be better positioned to quickly build the rest of your presentation, remembering to open with impact, add stories, and include a call to action. When you save time in preparing your presentation should have plenty of time to rehearse – and rehearsal is crucial. However,…

Let’s Be Honest -Most Frequent Presentations Give Your Little Time to Prepare

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