A Simple Way to Improve Your Presentations – Perspective

If you want to improve your presentations, here’s a simple way to know what’s working and what changes you can make to maximize your impact. Gain a new perspective:

Socrates might start this lesson with, “Know thyself.”

If you want to improve your presentations:

  • First, recognize where you are and what you do well and start with this as your foundation.
  • Next, understand what you might be doing that takes away from your impact and power.
  • Finally, seek out and learn what you didn’t know before.

Be open to a new perspective on how you present. I challenge you to look, really look, at what you plan to say. Put your speech under a magnifying glass and focus careful attention on each word and phrase.

Whether you plan to deliver a report to a manager or conduct a staff meeting, I encourage you to script your opening lines. This isn’t so you can read these opening words in delivering your presentation, but so you can look at them in black and white in preparing your presentation. Make sure your word choices are excellent and will get your presentation off to a good start.

Perhaps you have a presentation that you deliver routinely? For example, someone in HR might be called on repeatedly to deliver the same content to new employees, “Welcome to the company… Here’s the company’s background… Here’s our company policies… etc.” If you routinely deliver the same presentation, record one and have it transcribed. Don’t do it yourself. Let someone else transcribe it verbatim. Then read exactly what came out of your mouth.

This process is guaranteed to give you a new perspective and help you discover specific changes you can make to improve your presentation. As a speech coach, I’ve done this successfully with professional keynote speakers, even elite Hall of Fame speakers, who’ve come to become even better. On reading a transcript of their actual words, many said they were embarrassed by unconscious and common presentation mistakes they’d made in front of their audience.

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