Mistakes Speakers Make: Do This and You Will Never Get Invited Back

True Professionals Do Not Do This

I’m frequently asked, “Patricia, what are some of the mistakes that speakers make?”

One is to act like a prima donna rather than a partner with the person who invited you to speak at the meeting.

Don’t be an ass. Be nice. Be friendly.

Remember your place. You are there to contribute to the meeting and take a problem off the meeting planner’s list, not add to it.

Some of the most famous and in-demand speakers are easy to deal with. Yes, they know how to be a success and communicate what they need in advance.

Lessons from one of my long-term clients, the American Payroll Association.

The very dynamic Executive Director, Dan Maddux has entertained me with many stories of celebrities and professional speakers who were a delight to work with and those who were really nasty.

You may be interested to know that some of their highest-rated speakers are not the best speakers; they are really nice to the audience members and happy to go to the booths of their sponsors.

Remember that at all your future meetings and conferences. 

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