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Stories are the #1 way to increase sales

Have you noticed, some of your prospective clients act as if they have attended a seminar on How to Resist a Good Sales Presentation?

Even the most hardened prospect can’t resist a good story when it is well told. Keep in mind, when you tell stories of satisfied clients in the same situation they are in, they will not remember everything you say. They will, however, remember what they see and feel while they listen to you. Especially when you select a story that they relate to.

You can be confident this powerful story formula is invaluable.

Formula 1: Situation, Solution, Success

 Situation. The client’s situation is their problem, their pain, and it’s similar to the prospect’s company you are talking to. Think for a moment of one of your satisfied clients. How did they articulate their problem to you?

Stories have to be true, not 100% accurate. With stories you can shrink time. A series of conversations can be combined into one.

Imagine the first conversation with them. What if they said, “Help!” and clearly articulated their problem? In your version of the story, they did.

  • “Help! My teams are not productive.”
  • “Help! Our current supplier of office equipment is costing us too much!”
  • “Help! We are not compliant.”
  • “Help! We assumed our experienced technology professionals would be able to tell our story effectively!”

The situation is always in your client’s words.

Solution. Explain your process so that your prospects can see what it is like to work with you. Use phrases such as, “Patricia, Diane is a successful entrepreneur, just like you. She also was busy building her business and did not have the time, skill, or patience to manager her own bookkeeping. She benefited from is our three-step approach with each new client. First, we . . .”

 The solution is in your words.

 Success. This is the end of the story, the happily-ever-after: How did you improve their condition?

Just as with the situation, this needs to be in the client’s words. You can repeat their glowing comments. When you use their words to talk about your product or service, they can be more glowing than what you would say about yourself. An example:

“Patricia, if Diane were here, she would tell you, ‘When I first talked to the people at Profit Factor, my accounting was in a total mess. My last bookkeeper had dropped the ball which resulted in $3,000 in fines and penalties. Within three weeks of hiring Profit Factor, not only did I get my $3,000 refunded, but they also found me additional legitimate write-offs that resulted in another $8,762 refund. In the first two months, their efforts paid for their services for the next two years. They have my loyalty for life!’ In your portfolio you will find her letter and those of two dozen other clients who have businesses of your size.”

Good stories that follow this simple formula are as if you are “taking your satisfied clients on your sales calls.”

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