Why Video Matters & How to Make It Work for You

With current technology, you might not be surprised at how often I’m asked, “How do you use video in your business?”

As often and in as many ways as possible! We have a green screen, professional lighting, and great recording equipment, and my assistant has become highly proficient at adding backgrounds, images, and branding. This is no longer just for Hollywood and ad agencies. Small business and entrepreneurs can use to our advantage. You can even add vintage videos.

Videos are effective for promoting upcoming events, webinars, and for explaining how to make the most of an upcoming seminar or coaching experience. We record live speeches, cut them into segments that make a particular point, demonstrate an example, or deliver an explanation. We then add these videos to YouTube to promote our business and gain fans. YouTube has become the second biggest search engine after Google, so why not make it work for you?

Vimeo is the platform we prefer for sharing video examples on my website. While, Zoom allows me to sit in on client meetings nationwide – and worldwide. We use it for video meetings with prospective clients, client calls, and coaching sessions. We send the video link to coaching clients. Finally, we brand the Zoom recording, cut it into segments, and send it to the client as an added benefit from our coaching session.

Most importantly, video is at the heart of my highly interactive on-demand coaching platform, Fripp Virtual Training. FrippVT is my web-based training system used by corporations, sales teams, and individuals who need to deliver powerful and persuasive presentations, build leadership skills, transform sales results, and accelerate career success.

Beyond that, we also embed video in blog posts and email communiquès to share expert presentation strategies and announce upcoming events.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine the potential impact of video!

Enjoy this sample video I created explaining FrippVT:

Fripp Virtual TrainingIf you want to become a great speaker easily, conveniently, and quickly, Fripp Virtual Training can help. Enjoy three free chapters on Stories, Openings, and Sales: http://frippvt.com

“I wanted a super bowl-quality coach, and I was lucky to be introduced to Patricia Fripp. Her help in coaching and scripting was world-class. With Patricia Fripp on your team, you can go places.”
– Don Yaeger, Long-Time Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated magazine, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Enjoy your complimentary trial of FrippVT!