How to Use Zoom for Business & Look Like an Expert

With hundreds of millions now working from home and communicating through Zoom, you have an advantage when you understand how to make Zoom work for you. Patricia Fripp and Director of Client Experience for FrippVT, Paul Griffin team up to share their best practices and technical expertise to help you get the most from Zoom:

Patricia Fripp and Paul Griffin, Director of Client Experience for FrippVT, have recorded this to help you. In this recording you will learn how to:

  • Look and sound more professional
  • Connect with partners and customers effectively
  • Set the stage for professional-looking business meetings
  • Feel comfortable navigating the technology
  • Know whether a Zoom meeting or webinar is best
  • Find high-quality free training from Zoom
  • Take advantage of useful and unexplored features on the back end

This training is designed for novice Zoom users and more experienced users who realize they are not maximizing their impact or fully understanding Zoom. This is not designed to compete with Zoom’s superb training. This recording will help you learn how to use Zoom for business and look like an expert.

Note: Patricia and her technical administrator Paul do not work for or receive any fees from Zoom. They are enthusiastic customers who have suddenly found themselves sharing their experience and knowledge with Patricia’s colleagues and corporate clients.

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