Want to Save Time Preparing Your Presentation?

Patricia Fripp Executive Speech Coach
Find out how you can save time when preparing your presentation. Patricia Fripp explains how in her upcoming webinar and through FrippVT.

Would it shock you to know that most professionals waste valuable time organizing their presentations? If you begin your process by opening your last PowerPoint presentation you may be guilty of falling into the trap of believing that is your presentation. Don’t get me wrong, I love PowerPoint. I often say, “Use more slides with less content on them.” However, PowerPoint is a visual medium and an aid to your presentation. You are the star. The creative process starts with paper, a flip chart, or white board. Don’t hyperventilate. You can look at your last slide deck if it is the same subject. We will then revisit, refocus, and rescript your message.

Enjoy the replay of my webinar where I share secrets to presentation preparation and a foolproof speech structure to save you time and help you maximize your impact. You will learn about the premise, opening options as well as speech structure. You will also see a segment from www.frippVT.com on your the premise formula. 

Patricia Fripp packs a punch with her presentation skills training webinar

Whether you are an executive, an engineer, a sales professional, a speaker, or simply a busy person who needs to deliver a presentation, you can feel confident with Patricia Fripp’s presentation skills training. It packs a powerful punch. In person, through Fripp Virtual Training, or through her webinar series, Patricia’s proven expertise is invaluable in preparing and presenting your successful presentation.

Fripp Virtual Training

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I highly recommend FrippVT to everyone who speaks in public or has to. It just doesn’t make sense to be without 24/7 access to the wisdom and experience of the master professional that Patricia Fripp is.”
– Pat Lynch, President, Business Alignment Strategies