Expert Advice for Leaders – How to Communicate Your Ideals

How do you communicate your ideals?

Leaders are most effective when they communicate well. In challenging times, communication becomes even more important. As an executive speech coach, I work with leaders to help them convey complex issues and ideals in their presentations. We make these concepts understandable to an audience, usually through stories.

One Executive’s Story

I was coaching an executive in preparation for his upcoming presentation on corporate citizenship. After a recent tsunami, the sales team had donated $360,000 for relief, and his company had matched it. I asked, “How do you explain corporate citizenship to your children?”

He said, “The day after Christmas I sat my two children down and told them, ‘You are lucky children because you have generous parents and even more generous grandparents. Perhaps you would like to give us one of your gift certificates or one of your presents, and we’ll cash it in and give the money to children who no longer have homes.’”

He continued, “I was so proud of my 14-year-old son who asked, ‘Dad, how much do I give? Because I could give you all of my pocket money and all of my savings and all of my Christmas presents, and it wouldn’t be enough to make a difference. How much do I give?’”

His answer to his son was, “Oh, you never give it all. You just give enough that it hurts a little.”

Find Stories in Your Everyday Life

Stories are the best way to convey the complex. I challenge you to find stories from your own life that connect to your ideals and can illustrate your mission.

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