How to Make Your Leadership Presentations Memorable: Honor Heroes

Great Leadership Presentations Honor Heroes

Communication is critical to effective leadership. In challenging times, this is even more true. When you prepare a presentation, remember the everyday heroes in your organization.

My brother Robert Fripp is 1 year, 1 month, 2 days, 12 ½ hours younger than I am. He often says, “I am not surprised my sister gets paid to tell people what to do. She was a very bossy little girl.”

I grew up to be a hairstylist and then a speaker and a speech coach. He grew up to be an internationally acclaimed rock guitarist. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Robert is the 42nd best guitarist in the history of the world, living or dead. Excuse a proud sister. Drop all preconceived ideas of what a rock star is. My brother is a quiet, modest, and very articulate thought leader.

Robert played on David Bowie’s Heroes. One of the presentations we deliver together is “How to Be a Hero for More than One Day.”  Robert says, “There are 3 types of heroes.”

A Hero for More Than One Day?

First, there is the occasional hero, the person who may rush into the street to save a child.

Then there is the everyday hero. The ones who consistently perform what is expected of them, plus 10%, without complaint, whether they feel like it or not. Our world and your company would not run without those often unnoticed and unappreciated everyday heroes.

Finally, consider the superhero. The superhero is the person who holds an overview of the entire organization. They know what happens in every department, on every floor, in every building. Not every company has a superhero.

I asked my brother how one can become a hero. He said, “By performing an act of quality. Acts of quality are ungoverned by size. A small act of quality is as important as a large act of quality.”

Honor Everyday Heroes

May I suggest that an important act of quality for a leader, especially in challenging times, is to give honor to the everyday heroes who do what is expected of them, plus 10%. Good luck with your communications.

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