Beware. You May Become a Sloppy Speaker and Not Know It

You will not improve what you are not aware of.

We can blame a couple of years of near isolation and less in-person meetings. Without knowing it, you may be turning into a sloppy and non-specific speaker who dilutes their message.

As an executive speech coach, my job is to help my clients sound as brilliant as they are. To build confidence in shy, modest, brilliant engineers. Drive more sales from my clients’ sales teams by improving their persuasive conversations. As I tell them, “You will not improve what you are not aware of.” Rarely will colleagues tell you of your digressions. They may be guilty themselves.

In team meetings, client meetings, and at the dinner table record yourself. Then listen carefully to identify and make an effort to eliminate all unnecessary words and phrases.  In the future, make a list and work to cut out any words that will dilute your message, including your personal verbal “tics,” clichés, and filler words.

Have you noticed many unnecessary words are inserted in sentences, and all they do is dilute the message and reduce the importance and specificity? If it drives you crazy, you do not want others to think that about you.

Just like “um” and “uh,” “literally” has become a common filler word added into sentences unnecessarily.

Adding to the list to become aware of: like, actually, so, honestly (have you been lying up until now?), simply, basically, things, stuff, super, tons, and bunches.

The remedies are simple. As mentioned, record yourself and listen. Speak in shorter sentences. Slow down. Pause and give yourself time to think what you want to say next. This also gives those you are speaking to time to digest what they heard you say.

The payoff will be tremendous. Increased credibility. A better delivery. Best of all, a clearer message without the distractions. Those you will now notice in others.

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