Use Outstanding Presentation Techniques to Improve Your Videos

Video Strategist, Pat Ferdinandi with Scarlett.
Video Strategist, Pat Ferdinandi knows how to create videos that get results.  She is pictured with Scarlet.

My friend Pat Ferdinandi is a video strategist who helps individuals and organizations demonstrate their value and establish client trust through video. More than one billion unique users visit YouTube each month. Whether your videos are posted to YouTube or created exclusively for is specific clients, video is one of the most effective ways you can explain your service to prospective clients, ensure that your products and service stands out in a sea of competitors, satisfy current customers, and expand your customer-reach. The fact is that outside the privacy  of your home, all speaking is public speaking. Pat recently created a video explaining how some of my signature Fripp techniques for outstanding presentations can greatly improve your promotional videos. I share this with you here:

How Patricia Fripp Greatly Improved My Videos with Her 5 Simple Tips
by Pat Ferdinandi

How are your videos resonating with potential clients?
Not so good.
Okay, but not great.
No reaction from clients!

Before you jump to the conclusion that YouTube and video isn’t for you, take a moment or two to learn from Hall of Fame professional speakers. Financially successful speakers learn how to capture an audience attention and keep it! The best ones have different delivery styles but stick to some basic principles you can apply to tweak your videos. Learn from the best!

Video Expert Pat Ferdinandi & Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp
Video Expert Pat Ferdinandi & Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp

The period of my transformation to a motion graphics career included a stop where I contemplated becoming a motivational speaker for the tech world. After a great deal of research, I discovered Patricia Fripp. With a sparkle in her eye, this dynamic presenter and teacher, took my speaking ability from good to great! The lessons she taught me through her advanced speaking course, YouTube videos, tweets, and blog were both general and specific.

Fripp’s tips are not just for talking head videos! Her tips were so good that I applied the same tips to my videos. I noticed a BIG difference in filling my sales funnel! Her tips apply to any style video – talking head and motion graphic included. Her tips relate to the script; spoken and by flying text included.

The five tips that I refer too regularly in blog posts and with clients are:

  • The first 30 seconds
  • Strong structure
  • The I:You Ratio
  • Vivid stories
  • Remember the viewer

I believe in Patricia Fripp and her tips so much that I created the video below to emphasize her points. It goes into a bit more detail (though still high-level to cover any business). The tips are “parrot-phrased” a bit to apply directly to video and viewers (aka potential clients). Play it again and again on your smartphone just before you start your one of your video projects.

Great videos have a structure and style that resonates emotionally with prospective clients!

Get Fripped
After taking her course, everyone felt they had been “Fripped” and LOVED IT! We all left wanting more! You would, too! For tips and more information about Patricia Fripp, I recommend you sign up and take Patricia Fripp’s free three-day trial of her new virtual training at Patricia Fripp is Viditude & Scarlet approved!

Need Help?
If you have any questions about what videos you can create or webinars to have to connect emotionally with more clients, feel free to contact Viditude. We’ll make sure you tell your story that explains it in a way your target audience understand. We will strategize to make sure you make the right videos to add value to your prospective clients. That’s what makes Viditude different from other videographers. Viditude wants YOU to connect with every video. Together we can talk about your clients and your videos. We can instruct you through some common mistakes and give you confidence to improve and continue!
Call 973.619.9353 or email Of course, if you just want to talk about parrots, Scarlet would be happy to squawk about their superiority!

Pat Ferdinandi would love to talk at your meeting about YouTube Marketing and how to talk on video!. People continually tell Pat how they inspire them to try and give them confidence they can do it. She now includes a section on Google Plus Hangouts (on Air). Pat will make sure you look and sound good on video! Helping YOU to succeed via video is her objective. Call 973.619.9353 or email to schedule Pat to speak at your next meeting. Her examples and stories will encourage you to take advantage of video to convey your value to your clients.

Thank you Pat!

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