The No 1 Best Way to Accomplish What You Want

It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious professionals frequently overlook developing the number one skill that is guaranteed to position them ahead of the crowd. Namely, the ability to stand and speak eloquently in public, or at least stagger to their feet and say anything at all.

What is it about public speaking that terrifies so many? Most likely it is because we do not want to look, feel, or sound stupid in front of others.

Frequently I hear, “I am a terrible public speaker.”

To which I reply, “No. You are an untrained speaker.” My second comment is always, “Stop telling yourself what you do not want. When you learn and apply my techniques and principles, you will become a well-trained speaker.”

You improve what you focus on. I tell my coaching clients, “You have invested your entire career training to be a competent CPA, engineer, nurse, dentist, financial advisor, or ambitious professional. For decades I have focused on how to get your message across in a more clear, concise, and interesting way that receives more buy-in for your ideas. I assure you, becoming a great public speaker and presenter is not rocket science. However, it is more complex than most professionals realize.”

The No 1 Best Way to accomplish what you want is to communicate more effectively.

You may find them surprisingly simple. However, they are little known and frequently overlooked.

This is the perfect event if you want to excel in your career, make more sales, get paid to speak, increase your public speaking skills quickly. We all speak in public. Those who master the skills get what they want.

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