Success: One Robert Frippicism at a Time: Why Is an Act of Quality Important?

When my brother Robert Fripp and I delivered our presentation, How to Be a Hero for More than One Day, I asked him, “How we can become heroes?”

He replied, “By performing acts of quality.”

I asked, “Why is an act of quality important?”

This was the brilliant and profound answer Robert Fripp gave our audience:

“Because it’s how we change our suffering world one small act at a time. The first principle of quality is this: ‘An act of quality is ungovernable by number.’ This is the world of qualities; this is not the world of quantities. Quality is ungovernable by number.

“In St. Mark’s gospel, we have the story of the widow’s mite, where the widow cast two mites into the treasury. The translation from the King James Bible says that two mites make a farthing. This was her act of quality.

“The Church of England is responsible for 16,000 buildings, including 42 mainland cathedrals. This year, the Church of England is estimated to spend 110 million pounds on repairing and maintaining the fabric. It is a law of the universe that any church needs a new roof sooner or later. In the world of quantities, the widow’s two mites will not put a roof on a church.

Her act, however, kept the church standing. This is an act of quality.

“This is the second principle of quality: ‘ A quality spreads.’ So, although we may never see the repercussions from an act of quality, and we will never see the consequences of our own act of quality, we may be confident that right action generates just consequences.”

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