How to Improve Your Presentations with A Great Opening

Patricia Fripp explains how to open your presentation with impact through FrippVT screenshot.
Patricia Fripp shows you how to open your presentation with impact through FrippVT.

If you want to improve your presentations learn your options for openings.

No matter what your subject, audience makeup, or length of presentation what good presentations have in common is they get off to a good start.

The first 30 seconds of your presentation are very important, as your goal is to engage the audience. When you see they are smiling and paying attention it builds your confidence. There are many ways to open a speech or presentation. Some of the techniques are a question, story, statistic, quotation, little-known fact, or a challenge.

The purpose of your opening is to arouse interest in your subject.

How to Open Your Speech from FrippVT

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