Mistakes Speakers Make: Being a Good Speaker Doesn’t Mean You Can Do This

I’m frequently asked, “What mistakes do most speakers make?”

One mistake is thinking that because you are a seasoned speaker, you can wing it.

I am not saying your presentation won’t be good, but how do you know if your timing is right if you aren’t prepared?

How do you know if your points are clear, well-developed, and obvious to your audience

Have you respected the audience enough to find out why they care?

What are some examples in your presentation that will resonate with them?

My message is, “Don’t wing it.”

Even if it’s only a 15-minute presentation, ask yourself, what is the big idea I want to get across?

What is a good way to open, to grab the audience’s attention and interest?

What am I asking the audience to do as a result of hearing this information, and why would they care?

Powerful and persuasive presentations take preparation.

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